Data management / Informatica

Transforming legacy to new life.

The challenge

Even though Informatica’s product, technology and innovations have continued to set the bar and push ahead for 30 years, the brand’s perception has failed to keep up.

The insight

The Chief Data Officer is trying to break the organization’s convention of thinking in tactics and one-off tools—a symptom of outdated fixation around capturing data for the sake of having data.

The strategic POV

We positioned Informatica as the brand, platform and technology where the future belongs to the data driven.

the business organizing platform

Where Data Comes to Life

Breathing life into your data turns it into a catalyst for innovation. Informatica empowers businesses to unlock their data and seize opportunities before others see them. By managing and optimizing their data, our customers are creating a trusted resource that fuels data-driven decisions and offers solutions to the biggest questions. Democratizing data removes barriers to insights and brings order to chaos. By itself, data is a commodity. When given life, though, data is the driver of your company’s next big idea.

Informatica. Where Data Comes to Life.

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