fintech / Nium

When you've built the network where money moves.

The challenge

With Nium’s marquee trade show on the calendar—Money 20/20—along with their Cricket World Cup sponsorship, meant they needed a new brand platform and campaign designed for them—and fast.

The insight

Nium is one of the few B2B global payments providers that has built their own payment rails and owns the network used to move money around the world to more than 190 countries.

The strategic POV

Nium is the high-performance element that has radically simplified global B2B payments, allowing their customers to stay focused on moving the world forward.

the business organizing platform

The Element of Nium

The element that makes fintech go.

Today, companies do business differently. They move money their own way. They bring banking under their own roof. They provide financial services never before possible. And they have one element in common: Nium.

Nium is a next-generation financial services platform that lives at the core of these businesses. Nium forms an indelible bond between business objectives, and the desire to do the impossible.

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