We work differently & we’re not for everyone.

We are a creative agency built for the new era. fred&ted has been purpose-designed to work at the pace of the tech industry’s most nimble and agile brands. Ready for a change of pace?

Kevin on a colorful background
Kevin on a colorful background


AI generated rocket and planets

We operate in a way no other agency does. We apply our methodology and process that takes client teams on a fast-paced, highly collaborative journey from input to execution—which has proven itself for over 15 years. We call the process ACT–Agile Creative Transformation. We’d love to share with you exactly how it works.

AI generated rocket and planets

the business organizing platform

The best ideas are bigger than just ideas.

We help you uncover your brand’s BOP—Business Organizing Platform. 

We go beyond campaigns—way beyond campaigns—to uncover the soul of your BUSINESS and uncover your brand story. 

It’s ORGANIZING, as in it informs and joins together all the brand’s design, communications and actions. 

And we deliver a PLATFORM, complete with guidelines and design kits that internal and external partners can use to bring the BOP to life.  


Brand blueprint

From uncovering your purpose and vision, to defining your unique positioning, we’ll craft the essential, foundational elements of your brand.

Brand identity

From naming and logo, to voice and color palette, to typography and iconography—we help clients define all the crucial elements of their brand identity. And we believe a brand is only as good as it’s executed. That’s why we craft comprehensive, well-designed brand books that internal and external teams can execute against.

Business organizing platform

More than a campaign, much more than a tagline—we craft your outward-facing business operating platform that becomes the brand’s through-the-line North Star for integrated communications across the entire enterprise.

Journey forward

Our journey mapping process is designed to identify the key stages in your buyer’s journey and uncover the jobs to be done, messaging priorities and brand action opportunities at each stage.

Advertising & campaign development

We’ll concept and design the brand-through-demand campaigns that align with the needs and requirements of the buyer journey and the organization’s communications plan.

Brand action

We help brands go beyond paid advertising and media to design and deploy brand actions that ignite conversation among their customers, prospects and the press.

Customer experience design

We help define core audience segments and personas and design digital experiences to maximize lead generation, trial, conversion, renewal and upsell.

Website design & development

From simple design “paint jobs” and campaign page extensions to complete website design and development overhauls, our digital product team will help guide any website project.

Video & animation

Whether it’s a brand anthem, TV spot, social content, or an event kickoff, video is the ultimate storytelling vehicle. We’ll concept, develop, produce and repurpose for any channel required by the communications and media plan.

Corporate events & field marketing

We help technology brands strategize, concept, design and produce all the elements required to pull off winning customer conferences, sales kickoffs, trade shows and field marketing initiatives—with expertise in digital, physical and hybrid events.

Customer & brand research

From validating our creative and messaging to measuring brand impact, we can help you design a data-driven research solution to measure overall brand and business impact.

Emerging brands

We have built a complete portfolio of products to address the unique needs of emerging brands and the mid-stage startup segment. Reach out to us to learn more.