cybersecurity / Proofpoint

Creating a category of one in a homogeneous market.

The challenge

There are more than 1,200 vendors competing for attention in the cybersecurity market. And there’s little to differentiate these brands, as the market is relatively narrow in terms of product types.

The insight

Threat actors have altered their attack strategy from targeting infrastructure to targeting people. Today, the human factor is responsible for 85% of cybersecurity breaches.

The strategic POV

We positioned Proofpoint as the cybersecurity market’s only intelligence-driven, people-centric information security and compliance brand.

the business organizing platform

Building Surrounded by a Swirl of Icons

Protection Starts with People.

People. They’re every organization’s greatest asset – and also their greatest risk. Attackers know that people are the easiest way in. People are both the new perimeter and a potential liability on the inside. It is our role to mitigate all forms of risk that people might pose. We exist to defend them, protect them, and empower them to help secure the organization.

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